Table Game

Baccarat Plus consists of a side bet progressive or fixed jackpot incorporated into the traditional Baccarat or Mini-Baccarat table game played in casinos all over the world. The title in defined as Baccarat Plus a Jackpot.

The table consists of the traditional layout to include the system. 7 side bet betting sensors, a dealer control keypad, and a display plasta meter . Th game seats 7 players.

The Plus bets rewards the player based on a sequence of consecutive natural nines (9 s), and payouts are awarded based on a five level paytabie.

Basic Game

To qualify for a Jackpot plus bet, players must make a player/banker or the bet (traditional Bet).

If the traditional game hand is decided by a natural 9, all the players with a recorded Plus bet are automatically locked into the jackpot sequence, and paid the amount on the payout table for one natural nine. A tie bet of natural nines counts as two hands and player collects accordingly to paytable (counts as two hands)

All players must bet either player. Banker or tie, when making their initial Plus bet, and during the subsequence consecutive cycle The plus Bet automatically qualifies the locked in players for the next hand as natural nines continue to decide the hands. The cicle ands when the next hand is determined by a total not consisting of a natural nine.
The firsts four Natural nines are paid out individually to qualified Plus bettors at the table.

Baccarat plus glossary

Plus: A side bet incorporated into the traditional game where a player wagers that the next outcome will be a "natural nine".
Natural 9: two cards dealt where the combination includes a 9 card added to